The elevator monitoring high-tech "elevator guard" appeared in guangzhouDate:2014-03-21     Hot:121
 What is a "guardian" elevators?
"Elevator defender" by installing the elevator peripheral sensor acquisition elevator header, squat down bottom, power failure, people such as fault and elevator maintenance information, and transmitted by wireless GPRS module to transmit data to the elevator operation management platform, remind relevant personnel attention often malfunction of the elevator, achieve the timely repair and maintenance.At the same time, the system has a regular maintenance, to remind function, can supervise the property management company on time, regular contact maintenance company personnel to perform maintenance and maintenance, make the elevator is in a relatively safe and stable state, thus by platform for all of the elevator safety management function, help the elevator safety management department, maintenance unit and use the unit to realize information management of elevator safety.

What are the advantages of "elevator defender"?
"Elevator defender" elevator remote monitoring system and elevator system are linked together, can 24 hours a day to monitor the network continuously in the elevator.Using this technology, once the abnormal, will send SMS alarm, for the first time in a split second and fault condition automatically inform monitoring center, at the same time immediately call professional maintenance personnel for troubleshooting.More specifically, if the monitoring center fails to respond in a timely manner, then the system will alert at the next higher level departments, put an end to no one to rescue situation, prevent probability is greatly increased.

"Elevator defender" development direction in the future
Is anticipated, the guardians "elevator" in the future can take the elevator remote monitoring technology combined with 3 g mobile phone, elevator use, maintenance units, regulators can use 3 g mobile phone at any time to monitor the elevator running status, once the failure occurs, you can also use 3 g mobile phone calls with passengers in the elevator, to placate their emotions.

Had such a good "the guardian", no one knows, don't have to worry about stuck in the elevator, can greatly shorten the rescue time, achieve 10 minutes rescue speed, in order to guarantee people's safety of life increases the safety factor.