The development of independent innovation for Xizixiao elevator nuclear powerDate:2014-03-21     Hot:120
   Now there are more than 400 domestic elevator brand, but 90% of the market by foreign brands.Relative to the foreign brands, domestic brands are local advantages, but there are more or less scientific research foundation weak, the low level of technology, poor innovation ability, but with the progress of national science and technology, the growth of awareness of self-directed, this situation is quietly changing.
As sense of mission and sense of responsibility of local companies, theo elevator to profoundly understand to the elevator market in China, the first to break the monopoly of foreign elevator giants of China's elevator market, only from "manufacturing" to "create", can let the enterprise's economic efficiency and brand awareness to smile at both ends of the curve.Based on this, theo elevator set up in order to create and apply patent as the core, improve product quality, enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprise development strategy, not only pay attention to the accumulation of patent, pay more attention to patent behind has promoted the product quality and commercial value, fully to the value of a patent, the patent for invention into actual productivity, enterprises make a patent for invention theo elevator to keep sustainable development of enterprises, enhancing the added value of the brand of nuclear power.
Under the impetus of the independent innovation consciousness, theo, elevator products reach the advanced industry standards, enterprises continue to maintain rapid development, the market share increased year by year, and has won the "national high and new technology enterprise" "national customer satisfaction service unit" "national customer satisfactory product" "high-tech enterprises in guangdong province", "innovative enterprise of guangdong province" "guangdong provincial enterprise technology center" "elevator energy-saving engineering technology research and development center of guangdong province", "guangdong famous trademark", "guangdong famous brand product" fit-out, such as honor, this also let huaao elevator become the most competitive domestic elevator enterprises theo market performance of the special attention.