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Industrial economic research institute, Chinese academy of social sciences in China the economist magazine and "China business signs up for" hosted "perspective - China macroeconomic top BBS" path to upgrade the "made in China".Path to upgrade the "made in China" is the perspective of China - senior macroeconomic BBS BBS in January, according to the China business news editor assistant Li Xuebin is introduced, the perspective of China - senior macroeconomic BBS held once a month, will be invited to the domestic top economists analyze the domestic economy and industry development trend.

"China is now belongs to the low fertility countries."Population and Labour economics at the Chinese academy of social sciences institute of CAI 眆 research pointed out that by 2015 China's working-age population will stop growing, so the "twelfth five-year" is the crucial period.Starting from "not rich first old", China must make the transformation of economic development patterns in orbit, and adapt to the development stage, at the same time to connect with the original patterns, exert its potential under the precondition of realizing industrial structure adjustment, avoid the "middle-income trap".

But CAI 眆 also pointed out that China's vast territory and the difference is big, can form the domestic share model, so that the shift towards capital-intensive coastal areas at the same time, the Midwest will still carry on labor-intensive industries, the continuation of comparative advantage.In addition, China's service industry is not developed, the demand for producer services mainly lies in the low-end manufacturing, so the upgrading of industrial structure, will differentiate into new services business.


, director of the Chinese academy of social sciences GongJingSuo Jin Bei also points out that Chinese enterprises can no longer like the past rely on excessive consumption of resources, environmental damage and lower Labour costs to maintain the industry competitiveness.So enterprises must want to innovate, to form a new industrial cost advantage.

Enterprises under the state council development research center director zhang thinks, economic structural adjustment is the "twelfth five-year" planning the most worthy of attention hot spot, will become a top priority during the "twelfth five-year" economic life, also can be a focus of policy.If possible, by the end of the "twelfth five-year", our country some of the structural imbalances will gradually ease.

Nationwide, zhang's view is that the eastern region due to the rising cost of all aspects, industry to the Midwest transfer, GDP growth is slowing down;While the Midwest most provinces in their effort to infrastructure construction, drive the growth of GDP.But he reminded, development should combine with structure adjustment at the same time, it will be the key to the future, not one-sided pursuit of speed.

As for the shortage problem facing Chinese companies, enterprises should strive to improve labor productivity, strengthen technological innovation;By machine instead of labor, improve degree of automation;Raise the cost of human value, let every one of us labor skills job skills higher, stronger, more knowledge, more skills, and more healthy.

For China's industrial upgrading, the Chinese academy of social sciences, director GongJingSuo Jin Bei thinks, industry transformation and development of strategic emerging industries, not only by the government planning out a new industry, and according to the development of enterprise, this doesn't work.Only the enterprise itself can make oneself to produce the new product has a strong competitive power, and competitive power is one of the performance of the Chinese products are still competitive in price.It also must answer one question: how to find a new source of competitiveness, because only when the enterprises to improve efficiency, find a new source of competition, to make our products continue to maintain the advanced nature of technology and price advantage, can we truly achieve the transformation of industrial structure.In this sense, the industrial transformation and upgrading is essentially in the new situation and environment, how to promote industry international competitiveness problem, namely to seek the new source of industry international competitiveness.

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Guangzhou theo elevator co., LTD., general manager, yunda elevator factory in 1956, in 1973 began trial production application the first cargo elevator, yunda along the path of the elevator manufacturing.From the company was founded in 1982 as of the date of introduction of frequency modulation speed elevator technology actively, promote the development of the Chinese elevator industry, to continue the introduction of Japan's Hitachi 1988 advanced frequency conversion technology of the elevator.After many years of digestion and absorption of Japan's Hitachi, advanced technology, make yunda elevator in the ninety s in China elevator industry, one of the "big three" products in the domestic and foreign brands, the quality of the award-winning, became a recognized brand, many outstanding achievements in the growth process.In the 1990 s international advanced elevator technology absorption, digestion, accumulated technology, team construction, manufacturing, management, talent training, the advantages of the brand strategy.Company set more than 30 years of elevator introduction, research and development, innovation, manufacturing experience accumulation and precipitation, increase investment in scientific research at the same time, absorb the advanced countries in the world of elevator technology, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of products in 2004 successfully developed a new generation of green environmental protection elevator GreenMax intelligence series products, the response country advocated the development of "high-tech, high efficiency, low energy consumption" the spirit of green products, out of a path of independent innovation in China elevator industry, pursue self-reliant ethnic consciousness.