The elevator alarm device should use upDate:2014-03-21     Hot:93
The application with high-rise buildings rise, elevators, special someone to operation of elevator seems to have gradually become a thing of the past.But in the future, there are two kinds of elevator may also have to provide professional elevator driver...Yesterday, reporters learned from the provincial government legislative affairs, our province plans to lift safety supervision and administration of legislation, way before the draft content has been published in full.

Elevator use according to the relevant provisions of the draft unit shall perform the obligations, the obligations include: develop and implement the elevator use safety management system, establish a complete elevator technology archives;Establishment of elevator safety management institution or equipped with a certificate of special operation staff elevator safety management;In the elevator capsules or gateway posted prominently effective safety inspection mark, elevator use safety precautions and warnings;Maintain the elevator emergency alarm device has effect a emergency call;Formulate the elevator accident emergency measures and rescue plan, and organize regular rescue exercises;Elevator passengers stranded fault occurs, shall promptly take measures to soothe and organize rescue trapped people, etc.

Hospital beds must match the elevator elevator driver

Draft also states that the elevator failure, occur when abnormal conditions or unsafe, elevator use units shall immediately stop the use and organization of its comprehensive examination, eliminate accident hidden danger.After confirm the safety, may continue to use.

The elevator could stop using more than one year or stop over the next test date, regularly use units shall seal the elevator elevator, set up the warning marks, and stopping formalities.Restart before, elevator use unit shall organize to elevator to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and enable the formalities.

Hospital beds elevator, used for tourism speed is greater than 2.5 m/s passenger elevator, and in accordance with the safety technical specification requirements shall be equipped with elevator operators, should be held by a certificate of special operation staff elevator driver operation.

Children ride the elevator must be watched

Elevator unit using in many obligations at the same time, the passengers have to abide by the rules.Put forward the draft, the passenger shall, in accordance with the elevator, use safety considerations and the requirement of the warning signs on the elevator, may not be the elevator over load of check and ratify or express in the abnormal state of the elevator;Shall not adopt any abnormal means to open the elevator door, the car door;Shall not dismantle or damage the elevator components and affiliated facilities thereof;Inflammable, explosive or dangerous chemicals shall not be carried by the elevator;For the old, weak, sick, the staff and children ride in the elevator when should be watched;Take the elevator failure occurs, should be through the alarm system and elevator management personnel contact, and obey the command, etc.