Xizixiao Elevator development trend of elevator productsDate:2014-03-21     Hot:133
    The elevator control system on the majority of manufacturers prefer cheap elevator controller, communication speed, produced by professional manufacturers, convenient installation, wiring and debugging of PLC relatively simpler.So the special controller will be more and more widely applied in the elevator market.

From the point of product features, elevator manufacturing industry application of automation products mainly dedicated controller, PLC and frequency converter, HMI and servo motor control products are seldom used.

The PLC is mainly used in automatic escalators and part of the cargo lift, theo brand more popular in the elevator industry and recognised by the user, the elevator industry comparison pay attention to safety factor, once selected brands, replacing the probability is small.Escalators and other passenger lift simpler to PLC control requirement, price is relatively modest, and user habits problem, the next few years on the escalator and passenger elevator PLC usage will not replaced by a dedicated controller.

The application of inverter in the elevator industry more mature, it is mainly used for ascension and door machine system, the current industry trend of mainstream manufacturers have their own production of frequency converter, on its own production of converter station is decreasing accounted for 43.7%.In addition, besides some mainstream manufacturers and some such as elevator controller manufacturers inovance production integrated controller, the organic combination of the elevator control and motor drive together, is now in elevator factory more popular.In the next few years all-in-one application in elevator industry also will be more and more widely.From the point of the overall market size, energy saving is always the elevator development trend of green environmental protection, frequency converter plays an important role in the field of energy saving.