Xizixiao elevator lead passenger elevator development trendDate:2014-03-21     Hot:134
Low carbon environmental protection design, fashionable and comfortable experience

Guangzhou theo elevator co., LTD., the system control more reasonable, accurate and efficient;And using the latest green manufacturing technology, safety device and signal device;Give full consideration to the humanized design concept, based on human body engineering design, make the elevator ride space fully meet passenger safety, comfortable and elegant on request.Suitable for high-grade commercial buildings, hotels, luxury apartments and integrating characteristics such as high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, let the elevator into a green, comfortable experience.

Low energy consumption, low pollution, green technology storm

Nowadays, the concept of low carbon environmental protection highly regarded, theo elevator series of products will be the concept deduce acme.

On the use of the traction machine, theo, realized the breakthrough passenger elevator, gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine is adopted, compared with the general technology transfer, can save 40% energy.After using the gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine, reduce the mechanical wear and tear, don't need to replace oil and also reduces the pollution of noise and pollution, provides passengers with a quiet and relaxed flying in space.

Theo elevator 2012 series of products will also be intelligent design and advanced functions is introduced into the economic and efficient lighting applications, its capsules condole top installation of the LED green lighting light source, in the condition of no use will automatically put out, after receiving any summons command automatically open again, safe environmental protection.

Theo passenger elevator matching game can regenerate energy feedback technology, but also plays the new green movement.Can produce the high purity of renewable energy, can remove the grid burden, maintain the normal "temperature" elevator machine room, prolong the life of the elevator, to reduce the harmonic pollution, purify network environment, make the elevator running more stable.

Very large space, intelligent control, enjoy the comfortable experience

Improving the quality of the people's life also puts forward higher requirements on comfort level of the lift, theo elevator in time according to market research and customer demand, continuous improvement in the design of the product research and development, theo, with unique design let passengers enjoy humanized contracted fashion, all show elegance and your looks.

Theo, the elevator will be a new generation of intelligent integration control system into the vector type theo, passengers, the perfect combination for elevator control and drive and communication, realize the integration, to make the whole device has the advantages of compact structure, shrinkage, it also makes the elevator car to clear height of 2.4 meters, more spacious than traditional capsules.Pure and fresh and generous capsules wall stainless steel side pillar and the line that play a base, stainless steel and spraying steel perfect combination, more strong, novel, fashion.To create a comfortable ride in space.

In the elevator capsules condole top, theo, installed the LED green lighting light source, realize the intelligent control, security environmental protection;Adopting one-piece panel, display panel through communication software, is in the state of elevator to reduce brightness LED dot matrix display and the STN LCD liquid crystal display function, its beautiful appearance, in accordance with human body engineering design, feel is exquisite, responsive operation, implement a simple manipulation.

A unique design, comprehensive care for safety

Theo passenger elevator adopted scientific group control management system, with efficient fault self-diagnosis system and realize the sensitive screen door security protection, humanized residential surveillance, nimble run the earthquake function, etc., made a careful design to protect the safety of the passengers.

The call of the latest development indicator is a bottomless box type, without civil hole, just embed line pipe.The entire product structure is compact, whether to install or remove, fast and convenient, also can improve the efficiency of the maintenance process, eliminate safety hidden trouble.

Theo new "LingYan" passenger elevator, the elevator with the essence of contemporary science and technology and forward-looking design pointed out the direction for the future of the passenger elevator, become a high standard of work model.New "LingYan" will with low carbon environmental protection design and fashion comfortable experience achievement national comfortable housing demonstration projects of residential!