The subway elevator energy-saving full to "play" mode variable frequency conversDate:2015-08-22     Hot:60

The shenyang subway station elevator gradually changed from model at full speed to variable frequency energy saving mode.Yesterday in shenyang metro line 2 citizens may find three table stand, subway station in the elevator has been a change, there is no passenger elevator, the elevator speed is very slow, when a passenger elevator, the elevator and then according to the normal speed.At present many large shopping centres is according to the frequency of elevator running mode, the purpose is to save energy, in the absence of passengers using the elevator will be changed the elevator to the customs and the state.
Subway aspect also said, shenyang subway line 1 and line 2 of the elevator will be gradual adjustment for this model, but the subway has also warns a citizen, the elevators from energy saving mode to run at full speed mode will have a certain inertia changes, the citizens to handrail, left the right.