The elevator yearly check government will exitDate:2015-08-22     Hot:158

Last August, in guangdong province pledges inspect bureau in guangzhou and dongguan pilot implementation of elevator safety regulatory reform, and promote the reform of the administrative examination and approval system.Recently, the jiangmen city pledges inspect bureau announcement, said the government will gradually withdraw from the elevator, cable and other special equipment of statutory inspection regularly, transfer to the third party social institutions, including elevator missile d etection reform ahead again.This means that the operation of jiangmen city 8 419 units elevator annual inspection work will no longer be directly by quality control department, but according to the relevant person in charge of city pledges inspect bureau, due to the third party jiangmen is not yet mature, able to undertake the missile d etection of the elevator, the test still borne by the government functional departments.
The third party agencies still missile d etection by the government before maturity
Root according to the people's government of jiangmen 2012 items of administrative examination and approval system reform directory (first batch) "and" regarding the municipal people's government of jiangmen office for examination and approval system reform matters directory implementation work notice, special equipment statutory inspection will stop directly by the government to implement the regularly, instead approved special equipment inspection institutions detection technique.At the same time to take the elevator first, implement step by step, in view of the elevator inspection gradually cultivate the development independent of the government and the special equipment unit using the third party inspection agency, after waiting for the elevator inspection system reform success, to sum up experience gradually extended to other special equipment inspection.
It is understood that there are various in jiangmen area use special equipment 33937 units, these 8419 units in a lift, regular inspection period is 1 year.Carry out the work of special equipment inspection regularly at present, the unit is special equipment inspection institute of guangdong province jiangmen testing, the testing institute for special equipment of general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine inspection qualification approval, to jiangmen city pledges inspect bureau subordinate enterprises.
The relevant person in charge of jiangmen city pledges inspect bureau said that the domestic implements authorization for elevator inspection institutions established, the qualified inspection institution is government's basic institution, socialization of periodic inspection, the inspection unit will face to the social problems, the policies of the state of institution reform is not yet clear.
The responsible person, the elevator security belongs to public safety, units should be involved in legal missile d etection of the impartiality third-party charity society, but at present the country positioning is not clear on the nature of such institutions., therefore, can take the elevator legal and regular inspection of social organizations has not been able to grow up.
In the third party inspection institution before maturity, use special equipment units shall, in accordance with requirements of the existing laws and regulations, in a timely manner to the approved special equipment inspection institution to declare special equipment inspection technology of inspection on a regular basis.
Professional qualification approval down folk
Transferred missile d etection is no timetable for the elevator, but in terms of the transfer of administrative examination and approval, the city pledges inspect bureau said that from the initial registration of qualification of profession of professional and technical personnel and quality register work to start with.After the registration of such certificate, need to passed by jiangmen city pledges inspect bureau for examination and approval.But in the future, people only through third parties, to complete registration.
Before, the city pledges inspect bureau has issued a notice, recruiting social institutions to undertake quality professional and technical personnel professional qualification registration and register work for the first time.According to city pledges inspect bureau's announcement, the following agencies for business covers or technical personnel professional registration work involved, and equipped with full-time personnel institutional investor.Have intention to undertake the business institutions, to the city pledges inspect bureau to apply for undertaking.Jiangmen will monitor the acceptance of application within 5 working days to participate in the application of intention to undertake units for qualification, and according to the quality of the nature of the professional qualification registration of professional and technical personnel, through public bidding or competitive negotiation methods such as to determine the undertaking unit, and to the society for 10 days of the public.
It is understood that the quality professional and technical personnel of the professional qualification registration work after the transfer, jiangmen city pledges inspect bureau will have the guidance and supervision of responsibility, and process the transfer service object or other people to accept complaints.And to undertake party shall not subcontract the business to third parties, and regularly report to the city pledges inspect bureau written work.