Publicly for the first time the elevator maintenance unit annual appraisal for 1Date:2015-08-22     Hot:156

Reporter in the area under its jurisdiction to examine the 16 elevator maintenance unit, binhai new area pledges inspect bureau will assess situation made public for the first time, examination results will serve as a property unit selection elevator maintenance reference.
In order to ensure the safety work of binhai new area of elevator, binhai new area pledges inspect bureau to within the scope of the new district registered nearly 16 elevator maintenance unit for the annual appraisal.Examination scores, publicly for the first time that the Shanghai three ling, tanggu shunda, land port of tianjin, tianjin - waiting for the elevator maintenance company received more than 98 high marks.In addition to the two have been cancelled or not outside the company did not participate in the evaluation of the business, the remaining 14 mostly in more than 90 points.
Special equipment in the new city pledges inspect bureau chief introduction, said before the assessment results are reported in the industry, the fractional open, mainly to provide the reference to property company choose the elevator maintenance unit.In addition to the elevator maintenance unit annual appraisal method to refine, will also be introduced elevator maintenance guidance prices, specifications price charge, are expected to formally introduced in the first half of the year.