The Subway Escalator Should Attach Importance To Energy ConservationDate:2015-08-22     Hot:158

Now a lot of store escalator is induction, no guests when they stop, but the Beijing subway escalators turned 18 hours a day, can we'd like to have some method of energy saving and consumption reducing?"Some people to notice the idling in the Beijing subway escalator, can carry out of the subway escalator if the pause frequency conversion elevator, when no one else can save electricity 30%. Reporters in line 1, line 5 and line 6 is found that there are escalators in passenger flow scarce time and space.
When I take the subway, often see some elevator raced in no long time, feel quite waste, but also very confused at the same time, can have what way to solve it?
Watch the reports just know, the existing technology can completely solve this problem.A frequency conversion type elevator, controlled by the microcomputer frequency converter speed, nobody take slow crawl, when a passenger escalator gradually speed up to full speed.It is reported, line 6, line 8 and line 9 subway line escalator has all adopt the frequency conversion technology.
Given such a good technology, why not widely used up?Moreover, industry insiders, transforming a ladder but tens of thousands of yuan, the cost is not big.If it is, of course, in some busy subway station passenger flow, the transformation meaning is not big, but in some time relatively concentrated passenger flow, or a partial site, the transformation of gains, greater than the input.