The New Industrial Revolution Will Rushed To ShanghaiDate:2015-08-22     Hot:154

In march, Shanghai is feeling the digital, intelligent, greening the rhythm of new industrial revolution:
An investment of 1 billion yuan, annual output of 100 sets course type gas turbine generator foundation project in minhang xinzhuang industrial zone, before long, citizens can be used in higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, green energy;Exhibition XunTong letter design of integrated circuit chips, is South Korea's samsung electronics used in its flagship Galaxy series of smartphones, to become the world's top 20 IC design enterprises...
Recently, the municipal committee and the state council development research center of the letter "to meet a new round of industrial revolution, the development of Shanghai industrial innovation transformation research group, combined expertise in all aspects, combined with the possible impact of a new round of industrial revolution and the experience of developed countries, for Shanghai industry development in the future.
Deputy secretary general of Shanghai municipal government, director of the city economy informationization appoint hai-bo dai said the Shanghai industry at present in the key stage of innovation transformation, should feel as early as possible to the trend of the new industrial revolution.Should be proactive planning and layout in advance, to form a competitive advantage in the field of advanced manufacturing high-end, using new technology, new modes, changing the traditional industry industry strength and overall competitiveness.
Reshape manufacturing new look
Group think, digital manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing is the essence of a new round of industrial revolution, Shanghai should be aimed at the key direction, pushing nc machine tools, industrial robots, smart grid, mobile application development, such as the Internet, reshape manufacturing new face in due course.
Industrial robots, for example, is that computers, cybernetics, information and sensing technology, artificial intelligence, bionics, such as the combination of the advanced technology, has become a measure of a country manufacturing level one of the important marks.Shanghai is China's first robot study, is also one of the main robot industry cluster area in our country, should put the industrial robot industry as an important point of third industrial revolution.
When the reporter from the Shanghai new electric co., LTD., according to their research and development of six degrees of freedom of industrial robot prototype development work has been completed.The first robot production line is expected to officially assembly to elevator control in this year workshop of manufacturing complete sets of systems.At the same time, they of the industrial robot "project has been listed in the" special research on the major technical equipment of Shanghai ".It is reported that Shanghai will promote industrial robots in automobile, steel, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, medical, electronics, food and other key areas, key industries demonstration application;Choose a year 5-10 on behalf of the direction of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, has industry promotion value demonstration project, offer certain policies to guide, enlarge the application of machines and automatic production lines.
Improve services of added value
Baosteel are vigorous, make industry change from hard to soft, change from black to white.
Production in do subtraction, service to do addition.Baosteel VSS years ago began to develop the advanced customer service system, for big customer industries such as cars, home appliances.The head of general motors of 4 s shop customer orders, baosteel will know that need to match automotive steel dosage and types, and at the other end of the raw material procurement on demand response.Together at the same time, through the network platform, baosteel at a relatively low cost of business, at least in the middle of the link to the small and medium-sized customers sales, Small businesses can also be a lower price to buy high quality steel, more transparent.
In fact, in recent years, Shanghai's producer services, information services, cultural and creative industry has kept more than 10% of the average annual growth rate.In 2012, the city's key areas of producer services focus on corporate revenue growth of 16%, the added value of cultural creative industry grew 12%, information service business income increased by more than 18%, provides an important support for the city's economic growth.Research proposal, the next step, the Shanghai aimed to industrial software, cloud computing, such as 3 d printing key direction, improve research and development design, test validation, the added value of production and manufacturing, marketing services, the service transition of manufacturing enterprises.At the same time, around the industrial chain resources integration, the heavy support platform for economic development and the development of headquarters economy, promote the development of e-commerce, online offline, brand management, two new organization form and business models such as in Shanghai.
Traditional manufacturing industry to upgrade
Group pointed out that Shanghai to meet a new round of industrial revolution, not just staring at the part of the advanced manufacturing industry, and must be through the adoption of new technologies, the development of new formats and introduce new mode, promote the upgrade of traditional manufacturing industry, realize the industry as a whole of competitiveness.
, according to Shanghai current manufacturing structure, advanced manufacturing industry accounts for about 65%, mainly is the new energy, new materials, a new generation of information technology, energy conservation, environmental protection, such as strategic emerging industries, as well as cars, steel and other advanced manufacturing high-quality goods, and 35% of the traditional manufacturing industry, also support for the industry development play an important role.
Research proposal, therefore, to hold a new round of industry change trend, accelerating technological innovation in traditional manufacturing industries.Shanghai should state industrial enterprises docking technology upgrade special engineering, more new technology, new technology, new processes, new equipment, new material of adoption and the promotion, promote the connotation and improve manufacturing technology level of industry development.
It is reported, Shanghai this year will focus on areas such as cars, steel, equipment, strengthen financial support to the enterprise technical innovation investment, promote the traditional manufacturing enterprise to improve innovation ability, speed up the transformation.